The online payment page for HMRC has changed. HMRC advise that they no longer accept personal card payments (only corporate cards) and have offered payment options to either set up a Direct Debit for a one off payment or pay direct online using the bank details. Being cynical, we suspect this is to do with charging for a credit card payment. The screen shot (click to enlarge) would indicate that it does not apply to corporate cards? IMPORTANT – If you are unable to make a card payment using their online select a period method. You will have to use one of the two other methods but you MUST change… Read More

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Schedule a telephone call-back

Our new appointment booking system is now live. You can now schedule a telephone call-back online with the payroll manager. Click the “Book Appointment” button (or from the contact page) Select a suitable day & time. Submit the booking request.

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No Login Required

We  have  moved to a non login option to submit pay changes & monthly salary data. Other checks will be used for verification & all data sent is still password protected. We are also simplifying the way we process orders & request payment. You will in future receive a payment link for a no login instant online payment. If you prefer, you can also make a telephone card payment or by direct bank transfer.

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