Job Support Scheme?

With the current furlough scheme ending on 31st October. The latest idea from the chancellor is to encourage employers to bring employees back from furlough in November. But who is really funding the lion’s share of this scheme? The employee will have to work at least 33% of their normal hours (the employer will pay them 77%) with up to 22% claimed back from the government (in arrears, so no money upfront) Plus pay the Ers NIC and pension on the 77% (because the government share only covers the gross wage amount) 1. Employee Works (Hours) 33% 40% 50% 60% 70% 2. Not worked (Hours) 67% 60% 50% 40% 30%… Read More

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HMRC letters – CJRS Claims!

HMRC is writing to some employers, asking them to review their CJRS claims. You may receive a letter if HMRC thinks you have made an error in your calculations for CJRS. You must review your claims and respond to HMRC even if the original claim remains correct. The most common reason would appear to be using the incorrect reference salary for the claims. Refer to HMRC guidance HERE

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Re-enrolment & Re-declaration

Employers must carry out pension re-enrolment & re-declaration every 3 years. YOU MUST DO THIS EVEN IF… Your employee is already in a pension scheme You do not currently provide a pension for any employee You do not have an employee You have ceased being an employer Your employee chooses to opt out again Staff who opted out or previously stopped contributions of their workplace pension must be put back in. Employers must complete and submit online the re-declaration of compliance to The Pension Regulator to show how they have met this responsibility every 3 years. Visit The Pensions Regulators website for more information. PENALTIES of £400.00 APPLY FOR NON-COMPLIANCE

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