It is mandatory to offer & or auto enrol your nanny into a workplace pension. New employers have an immediate duty start date. Automatic Enrolment requires regular and continuous assessment of your workers.

We offer both a payroll managed (Option 1) & general data support nanny pension interface with NEST. Our nanny pension support packages start from only £65 per annum, per employee (Option 2) We can also support many other employer pension schemes as a basic data support (Option 3) You can further add on the option for us to complete your declaration of compliance to the pensions regulator.

Beyond the assessment of your workers each pay period, there are other statutory requirements placed on you as an employer. The outcomes of the assessment must be communicated with your nanny, and in turn an opportunity for your nanny to either opt out or opt in of the pension scheme, and for either the pension provider or employer to handle workers queries.

Note: Not all options featured in the video are included, and will depend on which pension support interface package you subscribe to.