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Register for Payroll

After submitting your registration we set up your account, and if selected we will also request HMRC to open a PAYE scheme for you. The reference numbers are posted to your home address. On receipt you upload them to us.

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Operating your Payroll

We then calculate & email you a payslip each month and a payment invoice for HMRC each quarter. You can make changes to your payroll data anytime in the month before the data is filed to HMRC.

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Making Payments

You are left to do just two things. Pay the employee the NET PAY each month & pay HMRC the tax and NIC each quarter. (Employee & Employer) Select NEST 1 pension support & we fully manage the contibutions uploads and payment each month.

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  • You register both yourself (employer) and your employee details online.
  • Each month we email password protected payslips (we calculate the tax & NIC) to you.
  • You pay your employee the NET amount shown on the payslip.
  • Each quarter we email you a P30, which tells you how much Tax & NIC to pay HMRC.
  • You can pay HMRC online or by bank transfer.
  • If auto default produced, you can still notify changes any time before RTI due date.
  • You can also “advise us” the salary each month for those employees with variable salary. The payslip is then produced for you, and filed simultaneously to HMRC, which means the data you provide must be accurate & final for that month.
  • Filing data to HMRC is called RTI & is sent monthly by us.
  • Your payroll service includes any payroll changes & revisions
  • We include P45 if employee leaves, or P60 at tax year end
  • Unused months are free to transfer to a replacement employee is same contract period
  • If you also subscribe to a pension add on option, we will process the workplace pension data in accordance with your package selection (Starting from £65 per annum)
  • Annual cost is £140  per employee per annum. (First year includes 3 months FREE* discounted to £105)
  • *3 free months price reduction is applied to your first 12 month minimum term contract.