• First year £112.50 which includes 3 months FREE* 
  • Each month we calculate the tax & NIC for your nanny or carer.
  • We provide password protected payslips to you or employee or both.
  • Filing payroll data (RTI) to HMRC is required each month & is sent by us.
  • We store your payroll data securely in accordance with HMRC.
  • Your payroll service includes unlimited payroll changes, SSP & SMP support.
  • You can “advise us” the salary each month for those employees with variable salary.
  • Or select auto default payslips which you can still notify changes before RTI submission.
  • We will include a P45 if employee leaves & the P60 at tax year end.
  • Each period we tell you how much Tax & NIC to pay HMRC.
  • You just pay the net to employee each month & taxes to HMRC each period.
  • If employee leaves, unused months are transferred to your new employee, free in same contract period
  • Subscribe to pension support & we will process your data in accordance with your package selection.
  • *Fees are per employee. The free months are a price reduction applied to your first employee 12 month minimum term contract.


Using our premier nanny & carer payroll service can save you time, reduce administrative burden, ensure compliance, and provide access to expertise in payroll processing.

Compliance with HMRC regulations: The UK has complex payroll regulations that require adherence to various tax laws, national insurance contributions, pension schemes, and statutory deductions. As a professional payroll service provider we stay up to date with these regulations and ensure your payroll is processed accurately, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.

Expertise and accuracy: We specialise in payroll processing and have experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of payroll calculations, tax codes, and legal requirements. We are equipped to handle complex situations, such as managing multiple tax codes and ensuring accurate calculations for overtime, bonuses, and statutory payments.

Confidentiality and data security: Payroll involves sensitive employee information, such as salaries, tax details, and personal data. We are a reputable payroll service provider which ensures that this data is handled securely and confidentially, reducing the risk of data breaches or unauthorised access.

Handling payroll complexities: Payroll can become complex when dealing with overtime, shift differentials, holiday pay, sick leave, and other variables. As a professional payroll service provider we are well-versed in handling these complexities and can accurately calculate and process payroll, ensuring that employees are paid correctly.

Stay updated with legislative changes: Tax laws are subject to frequent changes. As a reputable payroll service provider we keep abreast of these changes and update our systems and processes accordingly. This ensures that your payroll remains compliant with the latest legislation, reducing the risk of errors or penalties due to outdated practices.