Fully comprehensive nursery & pre-school payroll service for all types of nursery staff monthly pay options (hourly, temp, ad-hoc, salaried). In addition to our nursery & pre-school payroll service, we can also provide nursery staff pension support &  auto enrolment with NEST workplace pensions to integrate seamlessly with your nursery staff payroll service. Our nursery staff payroll service is simple, quick and at an affordable cost. Contact the payroll manager for a competitive pricing structure with unlimited support.

  • Nursery & Pre-School Staff Payroll Services
  • Fully comprehensive payroll service for nursery & pre-school staff employers.
  • For Nursery Staff paid hourly, ad-hoc, temp or full monthly salaried.
  • We include all changes & revisions to your staff payslips & HMRC payroll data during the tax year.
  • Dedicated online submission portal for nursery staff who work variable hours each month.
  • Add on a workplace pension support package from NEST.
  • Security password protected nursery staff payslips & PDF attachments in line with GDPR.
  • We include eP45 every time your nursery employee starts/leaves & submit to HMRC.
  • We include an eP60 at tax year end for each nursery staff employee.
  • We calculate employee Tax & NIC & record on P11 deductions worksheet.
  • We calculate all statutory payments (Sick Pay, Maternity Pay & Adoption Pay)
  • We file Full Payment Submission (FPS) RTI to HMRC on the last weekday of each month.
  • We file Employer’s Payment Submission (EPS) RTI to HMRC 6th of each month.
  • We produce quarterly PAYE & National Insurance payment summaries (P30)
  • We securely store your nursery staff & workers payroll records.