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Please complete the form as fully as possible, but don’t worry if you do not have all the information today. You can make changes or add data after set up, using the payroll change notification (PCN) form. We will require your NI number, DOB & ID to complete an electronic AML check. Mandatory fields are marked *

  • First 12-months of payroll service includes 3 months FREE* Now £105
  • Standard fee per employee is £140 per annum 
  • Add on a 12-month pension support package from £65 (NEST 2)
  • Fully inclusive & comprehensive payroll service for nanny employers & carers or support workers.
  • Security password protected payslips & PDF attachments in line with GDPR
  • We include all changes & revisions to payslips & HMRC payroll data (current tax year)
  • We include a P45 every time an employee starts/leaves & submit to HMRC
  • We include employee P60 at tax year end
  • Free transfer of remaining contract term to a replacement employee
  • Email Support 6.00am to 4.00pm Mon, Tues & Thursday
  • Email Support 6.00am to 12 noon Wed & Friday
  • Telephone support call backs from the payroll manager.
  • Same day set up of service
  • Expert support from a dedicated payroll manager
  • We auto produce or you can advise us data each month for your payslip
  • We calculate Tax & NIC & record on P11 deductions worksheet
  • We calculate Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) & Provide Funding Reports
  • We input recovery of SMP or previous year over payments into P30
  • We calculate & record student loan repayments (Type 1 or 2 and postgrad)
  • We file Full Payment Submission (FPS) RTI to HMRC (Last weekday of each month)
  • We file Employer’s Payment Submission (EPS) RTI to HMRC (6th of following month)
  • We produce quarterly PAYE & National Insurance payment summaries (P30)
  • We provide Net to Gross salary calculations & illustrations (& vice versa)
  • Nanny share? (or more than one job) support, advice & information
  • Fee Notes:  *First employee only. New clients will also require a one off  AML & electronic identity check (+£6) The 3 free months price reduction is applied to your first 12 months contract. No pro rata refunds or rebates for non full use of a 12 month contract. Unused months are fully transferable to a replacement employee in same term at no cost.
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If less than 12 months - please do not use this form as HMRC will reject a new PAYE application.
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