There is only one way to calculate payroll & pay the taxes, and that’s how HMRC tell you to do it. Our payroll manager was originally trained by HMRC officers, and we use the most comprehensive and up to date payroll software.

With over 15 years of experience, we are an established (2005) company with good relations with HMRC. Hundreds of customers trust us with their payroll every month. We have built a strong reputation through accurate and efficient work.



    We are aware that some payroll companies are charging over £300 per annum and some accountants even twice that. So you may ask how can we offer a fully comprehensive payroll solution for small employer's at such a competitive cost? By agreeing to a fixed term contract of 12 consecutive months, you benefit from a complete, yet low cost payroll solution. We are a small team of payroll professionals (with low overheads) that can advise you on all statutory payroll matters. We do not pay commissions for referrals to nanny agencies, who work with some other payroll companies. At Tax Nanny Payroll we are by design paperless and as such environmentally friendly. This further keeps our costs down, which we are pleased to pass on to you in the form of our low fees. Any months unused can be transferred to a replacement employee at no cost, at anytime during your 12 month contract. A monthly pay as you go option is available after your first 12 months for short term monthly extensions, if a further fixed contract term is unlikely to be required.

    We can produce your payroll and issue the payslips the same day (who else does this?) If you do not have a PAYE scheme you must register with HMRC. (this can take up to 28 working days to process online, or you can call HMRC on 0300 200 3200 for instant details) HMRC will post you your PAYE and accounts office references, or convey them over the telephone. In order for us to file your RTI online to HMRC, you must provide us these references as soon as you know them and before month end to avoid a penalty from HMRC (£100)

    Each month, we email you your employee payslip(s) which shows all the calculations and deductions. You can advise us either an agreed net or gross salary. You can make changes to data or the salary before the RTI is filed, add overtime, make deductions for unpaid days etc. We will also email you every quarter your P30 employers payslip. This shows the total amount to pay HMRC. We calculate and deduct student loans, as well as process sick pay (SSP) or maternity pay (SMP) and we issue a P45 when your employee leaves as well as a P60 at the end of the year, all of which is included in our annual fee! To see a detailed list of our service provision click here

    As we are an internet based service company, we can expedite your enquiry if you contact us online. This also enables us to reduce running costs and keep our prices low for you. We provide 42 hours of support over a 5 day week. Our payroll support team is available online Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6.00am to 4.00pm. On Wed & Friday 6.00am to 12 noon and we also provide telephone call-backs from the payroll manager if you prefer to talk.

    We are closed on Wednesday & Friday after 12 noon, as well as weekends and on all public holidays.

    Our call routing switchboard number is 0844 3577965. From April 2021 we stopped using it as a primary contact method as we introduced the manager call back option to save your call costs. 0844 call rates are 7p per min plus your carrier access charge. BT charge 20p per min & mobile providers could be more. Check your call provider rates first as 0844 numbers are not usually included in call bundles.

    We have appointed a nanny pension & auto enrolment specialist within our organisation, and are working with NEST as our preferred pension provider to offer you a fully integrated pension solution - see HERE

    Where, when and how do I pay the tax and NI to HMRC? Full details of the various methods and which office to pay can be found here. Each month or quarter (deafult is per quarter) we will email you a P30 advice note. This is the total amount of tax & NI (plus student loan if in force) that is payable to HMRC for that period. Payment of PAYE deadlines to HMRC are the 22nd of the following month as per below.

    April payslip (Month 1) is payable between 6th and 22nd May May payslip (Month 2) is payable between 6th and 22nd June June payslip (Month 3) is payable between 6th and 22nd July - Month 3 is also Quarter 1 March payslip (Month 12) payable between 6th and 22nd April...etc

    We are a file only (RTI) payroll bureau.  As you are the registered employer, HMRC will write direct to you. We do not act as your HMRC agent or correspondence address. This is because we do not need access to your personal tax data and it is more appropriate for you, the employer, to hold all the important HMRC data. If you get any communications from HMRC that we need to be informed of, you just provide us the data using the online form.

    When opening a new PAYE scheme with HMRC, this will not automatically create an online account for the employer. Many employers do not need to do this, but if you require to view or make payments via the government gateway or make any funding applications to HMRC you may wish to set this up from the start or at anytime in the future. 1. Click on 'selecting PAYE for Employers’ under 'You do not have an account'
    2. Enter your email address
    3. Go to your email account and retrieve the confirmation code
    4. Enter your confirmation code
    5. Enter your employer name
    6. Create a password
    7. Set-up a recovery word
    8. You will then be issued with a Government Gateway ID (this will be emailed or if posted up to 21 days, to you)
    9. Sign in using your Government Gateway ID and password (you have just set-up)
    10. You are now logged into your Business tax account
    11. Add a tax to your account
    12. Choose ‘PAYE for Employers’ in the following two questions
    13. Choose yes to ‘Do you have an employer PAYE reference
    14. On the ‘Request access to PAYE for Employers’ page enter your payroll details as shown on your P30

    IMPORTANT: Any government gateway that you may already have for your personal tax or other business affairs will NOT give you access to "PAYE Online for employers" and you must create a new GG and link your PAYE scheme as shown above. If however, you try to link the PAYE scheme to a new GG when one is already linked to it. The new set up will be cancelled and you will have to follow recovery of user login details or telephone HMRC for assistance.

    We are registered with the government gateway. We have submitted online FPS & EPS since RTI started. (...actually before, as we provided a pilot scheme with HMRC) RTI is filed each month instead of filing data to HMRC only once a year. The payroll data will be sent to HMRC each time a payslip is produced if you advise monthly, or last working weekday if auto produced.