Tax Nanny Payroll expertise is with statutory payroll matters, and we can advise you on all aspects regarding Tax, NIC, Student Loans, SSP or SMP. For specialist employment advice such as contracts, employment law or HR support, we recommend using ACAS – CLICK HERE

ACAS have specific documents & publications available to help you with all employment matters for you to download. CLICK HERE

You can also call an Acas helpline adviser on 0300 123 1100 (8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am-1pm Saturday). Furthermore their service provision is free.

Employed or Self Employed is the often the first question asked when engaging the services of a nanny or carer. Being employed or self employed is not a matter of choice, but depends on the type of working relationship. See HMRC here for guidance. If a nanny or carer suggests she or he may be self employed you should get confirmation from HMRC and can contact the status customer service team here.

Nanny or Carer Payslips – As an employer you must provide your nanny with a payslip. The payslip must show her gross wage, the tax and NI deductions made on her behalf, as well as the net pay.

Nanny or Carer Contract of Employment – You must also provide your nanny or carer with either an employment contract or a written statement of the terms and conditions of her employment, within two months of her starting date. The best place to start is with the Government website here

Nanny or Carer Holiday – Your employee is entitled to paid holiday in accordance with the statutory minimum legal requirements, but of course you can offer more holiday. To work out holiday in your employment you should use the holiday calculator here

Nanny or Carer Pensions – It is a legal requirement for ALL employers to offer auto enrolment to a workplace pension scheme (Most small employers staging date is from June 2015) For more information about pensions click here

Further help – For statutory matters in relation to employment we suggest you visit the direct gov site here