The online payment page for HMRC has changed. HMRC advise that they no longer accept personal card payments (only corporate cards) and have offered payment options to either set up a Direct Debit for a one off payment, but you will need a government gateway ID (click image to enlarge) or pay direct from your bank account to their bank (direct bank transfer)

IMPORTANT – You MUST change the reference number you use each time to allocate the payment to the correct period. You’ll need to use your HMRC payment reference when you pay, for example 123PA01234567. This is known as your 13-digit Accounts Office reference number, which is shown on all HMRC correspondence and in the payment details section of the P30 we send you. Followed by the 4-digit code for the tax month you are paying as shown in the email and below. 2003 means tax year ending 2020 & month 03 (i.e. April, May, JUNE)

  • JUNE is 2003 (e.g. the reference would be 123PA012345672003)
  • SEPT is 2006  (e.g. the reference would be 123PA012345672006)
  • DEC is 2009
  • MAR is 2012