Nanny tax calculator - Net to Gross calculator

Nannies mainly agree net salaries. This means that it is often difficult for an employer to determine the full cost of employment.
Click the Nanny Tax Calculator below to work out your full cost of nanny employment.

  • Convert Nanny Net pay to Nanny Gross pay

  • Nanny Gross pay includes employee tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC)

  • Employer's NIC is shown as additional cost (not part of nanny deductions)

  • Calculated using the standard tax code in force

  • Select Basic Rate (BR) or advise other tax code if operating a nannyshare or if more than one employer

Calculate the true cost of being an employer

The nanny tax calculator will calculate a gross wage from a net amount. The nanny tax calculator will show the gross salary (which is Net + Tax + Employee NIC) as well as the additional employer's NI contributions. Please note that employer's NIC are not part of the employee's gross salary. You can specify the current tax code, BR tax code or supply another tax code for calculating from a net value